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annacondos feldenkrais

mindful movement classes and bodywork

where attention, movement and skill meet


mindful movement puzzles helping musicians, contemplatives and people in pain do what they love with increased skill, refined attention and less discomfort

annacondos feldenkrais

Feldenkrais classes are sensory conversations inviting you to refine and know your experience intimately and accurately by paying attention to your sensory world while moving.

Feldenkrais fosters a gentle environment for nervous system balancing and moving well. Sessions teach how to mindfully sense your coordination patterns and how these may be contributing to pain. They also help develop peak performance in the performing arts and sports via sensory attunement.

Feldenkrais helps those in pain to reduce and resolve their pain. Sessions help you to notice how you're moving and  to develop multiple options for pleasurable movement. Having pleasurable ways of moving opens up a world of possibility and agency, often lost with chronic pain. It can feel as if all the dots in you and between you and your world connect again.


I also teach Feldenkrais group class series for both musicians and people with contemplative practices.

Series for Musicians:

  • explores how to play with curiosity to refine and reinvigorate your craft and

  • move around your instrument with ease.

  •  helps improve technique as well as choice and capacity for your unique musical expression.

A Series for Contemplatives :

  • focusses on bodily ease and a settling of the noise in your system

  • so that attention can be directed to your contemplative object more effortlessly.

  • will also help you with the process of attending to an object. 


Feldenkrais can be a preparatory/adjunct practice for meditation. It is also a mindfulness practice in and of itself, providing multiple embodied perspectives to being contemplative.


The method is useful across many fields because these are transferrable skills; it’s just that I have found it more useful for clients to tease out how it will specifically help each person I work with. 


It’s about what is forefront in someone’s experience and what they’re wanting help with.

*No prior experience is needed and modifications can be made to support injury, pain and individual energy levels.

Feldenkrais Moments 

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Creating From the Inside Out
Creating From the Inside Out
Access Your Creative Flow State with Mindful Movement and Contemplative Photography
10 Sept, 11:00 am – 1:30 pm
Creative Space ,
311 Kent St, Maryborough QLD 4650, Australia

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"Train the instrument that plays the instrument" - Andrew Gibbons


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