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Online Series for Musicians 

Train the instrument that Plays the Instrument – Andrew Gibbons

Welcome to a place where you can learn how to play with ease AND improve your technique and musical expression. It’s not a matter of suffering for your art; that path ends in pain and a short musical life. It’s about getting wise to how the way you play influences what you can say.

You will learn how to:

  • sense yourself clearly while you play to reduce unnecessary effort

  • refine your coordination to enhance expressivity and ability to tackle tricky passages

  • free up attention (because you are more comfortable and confident at your instrument) to be more in sync with your ensemble players – improving your ensemble playing

  • develop endurance not through grit but through refined sensing – getting support from your trunk to leave your fingers free for precision

  • work with the effects of performance anxiety

A Feldenkrais Taster Class for Musicians:

Somwhere to Drape Your Shoulders

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  • Online Series for Musicians
    Online Series for Musicians
    “Train the Instrument that Plays the Instrument” – Andrew Gibbons
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